Everybody’s judging you…

Even the most non-judgmental people are judging you. People don’t judge you only when what you’re doing is meeting their standards. Otherwise everybody judges. Whether it’s your career, love life or friendship, everyone always thinks what you’re doing something wrong in some area of your life, because in your or mine twisted mind we all know how to do it better. But in reality we know nothing…


Money makes people less attractive…

I really don’t understand why guys who have money and successful in business think they are interesting by default. I don’t get it why do you think what just because you have a great career you’re so interesting that everyone will be lucky to date, even though you’re not really interested in putting any effort into getting to know me. If you think being successful in business makes you interesting, you are wrong, you still have nothing inside, there is emptiness there. The most interesting people I’ve met are broken and damaged and no amount of money will make you as interesting as they are. So if you think what after a week of knowing me, I’m too reserved or too cold, guess what – I’m not, I just can see through you, and don’t want to put any effort, you’re just as shallow as it gets and I won’t waste my time.

When men get excited…

I like how guys get excited about doing stuff together when you first meet them. They make plans a year ahead: from going to a class together, taking a monthlong trip to Europe, to moving to a different planet. And then a month in, all the excitement is gone and they are not even sure if they can commit to seeing you tomorrow. Men are amazing. So just have fun, be in the moment and don’t complicate things.

Be sad

Who said we have to be happy every day? Sun doesn’t shine every day. Things don’t go well all the time. You get your heart broken, you get hurt. Why do you have to be happy all the time? I feel like our society keeps telling us what we have to be happy all the time or something is wrong with you, you’re broken. No, you’re not. Be gloomy, be sad. It’s ok. It makes you – you.

If it’s not Yes, it’s a No

We always learn, and even though we don’t understand the lesson right away, we get it later. And here is what I’ve learned: if it’s not Yes, it’s a No. We always try to give people second chances, hoping it will be better this time around. But it’s not and then we tell ourselves what that’s the last time, but we do it again and again. But I finally learned what if someone is really interested and really cares, he’ll do anything for you, whether it’s the first date or the 20th. But if all you get is talk, and your gut feeling tells you what something is wrong, it probably is. I’ve learned to trust my gut. It hasn’t disappointed me yet. And if it tells me to cut some people off, I will. Because the right ones will always gravitate back in your life.


I feel nothing

IMG_9288There are days when I feel nothing. And today is one of those days. I feel numb. There are no emotions inside of me. I’m empty. I’m not sad, or depressed, I still have a positive outlook on life but I’m numb. On days like this I try to avoid all people interactions. I want to be on my own. Read, watch movies, do nothing. On days like this I feel like not many people can understand me, only those who feel deeply. And those people are hard to come by.

And so today I feel nothing and that’s ok.

Social Media Obsession

Why are we wasting our lives on social media?

We switch between the apps for hours and hours. Last weekend I didn’t go out, the only time I left the house was to go to the grocery store. I canceled all my plans, lied, saying I was out of town, while in reality I was home scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Constantly refreshing the pages, watching stories while I could be out there meeting new people, catching up with old friends. What is it about the social media that doesn’t let us go?

Will it come to an end or is that how our life is going to be from now on? Will we just stay home and waste our lives on following people we’ve never met and most likely never will. I’ll say let’s go out there and explore, travel, learn while we can. But will we? Will I? I’ll keep you posted.